Plastic surgery

In response to the needs of the patients who seek the help of experienced plastic surgeons and aesthetic medicine doctors, in our medical centre in Bielsko-Biała we have provided the opportunity for top quality consultation, surgeries, procedures and post-operative follow-up and treatment. Our desire is to fulfill your dreams and help you restore your self-confidence while putting your safety and comfort first. Plastic surgery is one of our domains.


Breast modelling (breast augmentation with implants, breast augmentation with client’s own fat, breast lift after childbirth, breast reduction)

Breast reshaping is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Every such procedure should be preceded with a consultation and a thorough history taking. There are many methods to give your breasts a new, desired shape. The breasts can be enlarged by means of special implants but also by transplanting your own body fat. Beautiful and firm breasts are an unquestionable attribute of femininity – that is why so many women go for a breast lift after childbirth and breastfeeding or decide to undergo reconstruction procedures, for example after mastectomy. 


Body reshaping (liposuction of the abdomen, thighs, arms)

Your body can be reshaped using such methods as liposuction. The procedure consists in sucking out the specific amount of excess fat using a special device. The treatment can be performed practically on every part of your body: the abdomen, thighs or arms. Liposuction must be preceded with a consultation with a specialist and with appropriate tests. Only after careful examination of the results is it possible to qualify the patient for treatment. Following the liposuction procedure the patient must observe doctor’s recommendations and wear special compression garment in order to achieve maximum results and speed up recovery.


Ear correction surgery

The unwanted ear shape is frequently the reason for the lack of self-confidence which may have a negative impact on the quality of your everyday life. Plastic surgery, offering correction of the auricle shape, can be of help in such situation. The procedure is intended for those who want to correct a congenital anatomical defect or any acquired deformations. The shape of the auricle may not only be an aesthetic problem but it may also affect hearing. Just as any other surgical intervention ear correction also requires prior consultation. After the procedure, during the entire recovery time the patient must follow doctor’s recommendations.


Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is dedicated to those suffering from droopy eyelids. Excessive amount of skin and its obvious flaccidity results in an aesthetic defect which gets more and more bothering with every day. Additionally, skin folds create a favourable environment for accumulation of small contaminants and bacteria, which in turn favours the development of various types of inflammation and irritation. Surgical eyelid correction is preceded with a consultation with a specialist. During such consultation the doctor will ask you questions about your medical history and about your expectations.



Undesirable shape of the nose may result in development of a complex which will reduce your self-confidence, make you feel unattractive and have a negative impact on the quality of your life. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine and surgical procedures allowing to correct the shape of your nose may be of help. The procedure is dedicated to the patients who want to perfect and reshape their nose or simply reduce or totally remove a specific congenital or acquired defect. The nose correction procedure requires prior consultation with a specialist. To achieve best results and speed up recovery, after the procedure has been performed the patient must follow doctor’s recommendations.


Face lift

Face lift is one of the most popular plastic surgery treatments. It is dedicated to the patients who want to correct the oval of their face and to have their skin firm, supple and without wrinkles. The procedure can be successfully performed in the case of loose skin when it seems that there is too much of it and it has become slightly saggy. Face lift gives excellent and long-lasting effects. Just as other plastic surgery treatments face lift also requires prior consultation with a specialist. After the procedure, during the entire recovery time the patient must follow doctor’s recommendations.



Gynaecomastia is a disorder in which the amount of male breast tissue is increased. It is the source of great discomfort and it significantly undermines self-confidence and impairs the quality of life. Men suffering from gynaecomastia frequently develop very serious complexes which have a negative impact on their relations with other people. After careful analysis of the reasons for such anatomical problems the patient may undergo a plastic surgery. For every man struggling with that embarrassing condition breast reduction and nipple remodelling is usually a fulfilment of their dreams. The procedure to remove the effects of gynaecomastia requires prior consultation with a specialist and taking detailed medical history of the patient. After the procedure, during the entire recovery time the patient must follow doctor’s recommendations.


From the first consultation to surgery – step by step procedure

Before every plastic surgery you need to have a consultation with a specialist. During such an appointment the doctor will take your detailed medical history, and will discuss with you your problem and your expectations about the results of the procedure. After discussing with you the possible ways to deal with the issue and after finding the best solution, the doctor will ask you to take necessary tests and examinations before the procedure. If there are no contraindications, the procedure is performed by a specialist doctor on the agreed date. Following the doctor’s recommendations speeds up recovery and increases durability of the effects of the treatment.


Before and after treatment

After you decide to undergo a plastic surgery, you need to have a consultation with a specialist. Having ruled out possible contraindications the doctor will order necessary tests (e.g. complete blood count). Procedures are performed under anaesthesia, whereas the type of anaesthesia is determined by the doctor depending on the patient’s condition. In order to speed up recovery, after treatment you need to follow all recommendations of your doctor.


Plastic surgery



Consultation on plastic surgery
.150 pln
Breast augmentation consultation
.200 pln
Nipple correction
.from 2100 pln
Surgical correction of the bone and cartilage of the nose
.from 8300 pln
Surgical correction of protruding ears
.from 2600 pln
Surgical correction of lower eyelids
.from 3200 pln
Surgical correction of upper eyelids
.from 2600 pln
Body remodelling by means of fat grafting
.from 2200 pln
Abdominal correction
.from 9100 pln
Limited abdominal correction
.from 5200 pln
Plastic surgery of the breasts (augmentation with lift)
.from 11300 pln
Breast lift, breast reshaping
.from 9300 pln
.from 8300 pln
Breast augmentation with anatomical implants
.from 12900 pln
Breast augmentation with round implants
.from 10,900 pln
Breast reduction
.from 9,900 pln
.from 6,400 pln
Fat transfer to breasts
.from PLN 4,500 (excluding liposuction)



Calves, knees, arms
.from 3,500 pln
Thighs (inner and outer part)
.from 4,000 pln
Abdomen, waist
.from 4,500 pln

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