Aesthetic gynaecology

Aesthetic gynaecology deals with correcting imperfections of private parts, it restores or enhances the appearance and functions of female reproductive organs.

Imperfections can be corrected in virtually every case, regardless of whether the defects of genitals are of congenital nature or rather a consequence of a damage during childbirth or of ageing of the body.

These apparently invisible defects often have an influence on the entire life and health of a woman. They have a negative impact on sexual life, cause recurring infections and pain as well as mental discomfort. Slowly but effectively they undermine the woman’s self-esteem.

Aesthetic gynaecology treatments not only provide an enhanced appearance and function of the female genital area but also help a woman lose her inhibitions, improve her physical and mental state and thus, frequently, revive intimate relationship with her partner.


Aesthetic procedures are offered to the women who:

  •  are not satisfied with the appearance of their external sexual organs,
  • have had several, often difficult or traumatic childbirths,
  • experience sexual discomfort,
  • experience pain during sexual activity or feel embarrassed about the size or asymmetry of their labia,
  • feel discomfort connected with urinary incontinence.


How to prepare to the procedure?

Before every aesthetic surgery you need to have a consultation with a specialist. During such an appointment the doctor will take your detailed medical history, and will discuss with you your problem and your expectations about the results of the procedure. After discussing with you the possible ways of dealing with the problem and determining the best treatment, the doctor may order additional examinations before performing a specific procedure. If there are no contraindications, the procedure is performed by a specialist on the agreed date. Duration of recovery depends on the type of the procedure (it is also discussed during the first consultation visit). Following the doctor’s recommendations will speed up recovery and increase durability of the effects of the treatment.

Before and after treatment

Before every surgery you need to have a consultation with a specialist. Having ruled out possible contraindications the doctor will order necessary tests (e.g. complete blood count). In the case of aesthetic gynaecology a cytology test is necessary (valid for up to 6 months), but sometimes High Vaginal Swab (valid for up to 1 month) may be ordered, too. Procedures are performed under local anaesthesia the type of which is determined by the physician. After the procedure you must observe your doctor’s recommendations in order to speed up recovery, and furthermore you must maintain high level of intimate hygiene and avoid sexual activity, visits to a swimming pool, sauna or bicycle riding for some time.



Plastic surgery procedure for altering the labia It is a solution for women with a deformation or hypertrophy of the labia minora.

Overly large labia often result in irritation and pain during walking and frequently prevent women from practising sports. The aesthetic aspect is also important.



Vaginal plastic surgery is for the women who experience discomfort after natural childbirth. As a result of natural childbirth the muscles and perineum become loosened. A deformed and stretched vagina sometimes results in deteriorated quality of sexual life. Vaginal prolapse or urinary incontinence is equally frequent.



Hymenotomy allows to overcome the technical obstacle to sexual initiation. In a certain group of women the hymen is so thick or rigid that a surgeon’s help is necessary to remove it. Besides, some patients fear the pain which usually accompanies the first sexual intercourse. They prefer to have their hymen incised by a doctor before sexual initiation.



Hymenoplasty is a surgical reconstruction of the hymen. There may be unlimited number of reasons for which a woman may want to become a virgin again and very frequently these are very intimate and sometimes painful reasons. Not infrequently a decision on undergoing such a procedure is made for reasons related to religion. In such a case virginity is a question of honour or even life. It is most visible in Islamic countries. Another frequent reason for restoration of virginity is rape. Being raped before sexual initiation is a real trauma for young women. Hymenoplasty allows them to come back to their previous life at least to a certain extent.


G-spot enhancement

G-spot enhancement is a modern procedure allowing to enhance and elasticise the G spot. The G-spot area which is sensitive to stimulation is augmented by injecting recombined collagen (a protein present in the human body) into it. Such a procedure allows temporary intensification of sexual experience.


Laser revitalisation of the vulva and vagina

Laser revitalisation of the vulva and vagina is dedicated to the women who have noticed that their private parts have become less firm and supple, that the quality of their sexual life has deteriorated or who suffer from vaginal dryness. Such problems affect both older women during the menopause as well as the younger ones after natural childbirth. Laser treatment properly models the mucous membrane of your private parts and stimulates the production of new collagen, so that the treated area becomes reinforced and more elastic.

Aesthetic procedure to improve the appearance of the labia with hyaluronic acid

An aesthetic procedure to improve the appearance of the labia with hyaluronic acid is intended for the women wishing to improve the appearance of their private parts. Most often such a procedure is performed in the case of anatomical defects (congenital or post-traumatic) or the loss of volume and firmness of the labia majora, in order to increase protection against recurrent infections and irritation of private parts and the birth canal or after a significant weight loss. The hyaluronic acid injection procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and therefore the entire procedure is painless. The effects of the procedure last for up to 2 years. 


Labia augmentation with hyaluronic acid and fat

The procedure in which hyaluronic acid and the patient’s own fat are injected into the labia is dedicated to the women wishing to obtain natural volume and firmness of their private parts, to hydrate their labia majora and reduce the risk of irritation of that delicate area. Intense and long-lasting hydration of the labia majora allows to restore the volume of the tissues and stimulates their regeneration. The procedure significantly enhances sexual satisfaction and protects your private parts against inflammation.

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